Prof. Anne-Sophie Mutter:

“Dear Mr. Finnigan, dear Ms. Klaembt,
Having returned from the USA, I’m thrilled to tell you about the good response to your beautiful violin. The setting alone made the concert in Carnegie-Hall an impressive experience. It would surely have been a great pleasure for you to have heard your violin in this marvellous hall! Your instrument has a very balanced and round tone. I am sure the violin will develop further over the next years and I will always keep you informed about concert appearances in the near future. I am definitely planning to use it for part of my recitals in Frankfurt, Stuttgart and London. I would like to wish you much pleasure and luck for your future projects and remain with kind regards
Anne-Sophie Mutter”

Sarah Oates, concertmaster “Philharmonia Orchestra”, London

“I am thrilled with my 2010 violin by Andrew and Pia. The sound is warm and rich, and continues to develop over time. It fulfills all my orchestral, chamber music and soloistic needs and is simply a pleasure to play.”

Sven Arne Tepl
Director of Music
Professor of Viola
Music conservatory Amsterdam

“After years of searching for an instrument that “clicks” with me, I have had wonderful encounter with the viola from Andrew and Pia, from the first tone it gave me the certainty, that this is what I have been looking for. What inspire me are the responsiveness and the resonance of the overtones. In the quartet the viola blends without a problem with the “old” instruments of my colleagues. In the orchestra, I notice in solos that I’m reaching the last row of the hall. And often the astonished faces of colleagues and listeners when they hear: “No it isn’t an old Italian” Congratulations Pia and Andrew!!!”      

Judith Ermert, Professor for violoncello Gent Conservatory

“Since 2005 I own a beautiful cello made by Andrew Finnigan and Pia Klaembt.
Whether playing Chamber music or Solo concerts: The cello always receives postitive response from the audience and colleagues. How often have I after a concert heard the question: What wonderful cello are you playing there? Many bet that it is an old Italien and are surprised from the warm round and even tone of my modern instrument.
After falling in love at first sight a real partnership has developed, and it is always again and again a great joy to be able to create a broad spectrum of tone colours with the cello!”      

Marjolein Dispa, Professor for viola and chamber music Conservatory Amsterdam, violist “Jenufa Kwartet” and “Combattimento”

“One year ago I started playing on a wonderful viola by Andrew Finnigan and Pia Klaembt. The viola sounds very open, deep, rich in overtones and very colorful. As well as the beautiful sound, the viola looks great, varnished with depth and a beautiful outline after Domenicus Busan. It is a pleasure to be able to play on it.”

Tamás Sándor, Principle of 2nd violins “Philharmonia Orchestra”, London

“It’s a great pleasure to play on Pia and Andrew’s violin ! Not only are Pia and Andrew’s violins beautifully crafted, they are made with the greatest care ‘inside as well’ to bring the most beautiful sound out of it immediately! My violin speaks easily, rings with lots of overtones and has a very characteristic, warm sound. I’ve seen a few of Pia and Andrew’s violins by now and they are all fantastic, highest quality instruments from every perspective.”

Dimiter Tchernookov, 2nd concertmaster at the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra” & violinist of the “Grand Air Trio”

“I discovered the work of Pia and Andrew via a friend who was looking for a new instrument. Although I wasn’t at that time, I immediately fell in love with what would be my future violin… What struck me the most was the richness, depth and power of the tone, that were available in all registers. The high register in particular has a magnificently warm color, while the low register can be incredibly dark. With all these qualities, I couldn’t believe that I was playing a newly made instrument! It already had such a nobility. It is also a very versatile instrument, so if you need light and brightness in the sound, you will get it as well! Wherever I play with it, whether it is orchestra, chamber music or solo recital, I always receive extremely positive impressions from colleagues and audience members alike, and announcing that it is a very new instrument usually awakens quite a curiosity! The superb craftsmanship also contributes to intriguing admirers…and was definitely a factor in the “love at first sight” effect for me!”

Ian van Rensburg, concertmaster of the “Århus Symfoniorkester“

“Richness, warmth, projection, precision, character, power, personality……. Top of the scale workmanship and style, great service…If u cannot afford the best 18th century Italian instruments, u will make a very happy landing in Bremen at Andrew and Pia’s. I did…”

Meintje de Roest, principal viola “Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra”

“My viola of Andrew and Pia has a combination of qualities you don’t find often. It has a deep and rich sound, a great projection and has an easy response. The instrument challenges me to make as much tone colours as possible.
Andrew and Pia work very precise and are always willing to work together with me on a perfect set up of the instrument. I am very happy to play on one of their beautiful instruments.”

Annemijn Bergkotte, violist “Ragazze String Quartet”

“I’m the viola player in the “Ragazze String Quartet” from Holland and I’ve been playing on a Finnigan and Klaembt viola for 7 years now. I couldn’t be more happy with my instrument! As a quartet player you have to be so flexible; at times powerfull like a bass together with the cello, most of the time warm and supportive together with the second violin as middle voices and then suddenly bright and clear if there’s a solo. And my instrument can do all of that! Without any problems I can change colors, adapt to my colleagues and take the lead when needed. I’m so proud when people from the audience after a concert compliment me on my viola and it’s rich sounds. So proud to say: “I’m the first one who has been playing on it!” It’s been a great journey exploring this viola and getting to know all it’s characters. It feels so special to have met Andrew and Pia and it’s lovely everytime we meet again, when they make small adjustments to my instrument. Come to think of it … hope to see you two soon again!”     

Oene van Geel, violist and composer

“My viola, made by Andrew and Pia, was ‘born’ in the spring of 2014. From its birth on it had to play string quartet, survive next to raging horns and drums, project delicate sounds in chamber music, make unusual sounds in free improv and much more.
It does all that with giving me a lot of joyful and intense moments. It really functions as my voice in so many settings where its maneuverability and possible tone colours are such a pleasure to experience.
Besides being very happy with my viola it is so wonderful to keep in contact with Pia and Andrew. They truly are at your service when you would want to check for a little adjustment or when you have a question.
Best kept secret is that they not only make excellent musical instruments but also excellent meals.”